Random Thoughts B4 It Rains

My mind is jammed .. no creative juices for the “Pietism” Paper … 2 more days to go (my own deadline!

Looking forward for tomorrow night 7pm .. yeah! (gotta call my friends later!)

Wonder what’s gonna happen tonight at “Giving Tree”? hmmm…

Missed lunch today .. hunger pangs?

Pat on the back 10 mini-sit ups bravo!

Blogs have been rather serious … this one more relax!

Finally, Todd Hunter Blogs again …

Loads of stuff on Children & Intergenerational Worship on my mind.

Phew .. gonna come down from Cameron on Sunday and dash to KLIA to fly to KK! Lord have mercy!

Understood Capon better after at least second reading .. his words massage the mind too.

Tried breaking up the Pringles into four pieces to give my mind the illusion I’m eating more when it’s actually less. huh?

Emails on 4 Question Survey coming in … shared about LRT episode to BLC last Sunday, wonder what would happen if they tried it too?

God-son 4 year old Adam helped me pull the grass from the mini-drains last Sunday … that was fun. We talked …

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” is really good! Amazing direction!

All nights occupied, weekend packed with DUMC campus camp, whole week seminar next week … phew!

Lots of nitty-gritty stuff awaits me … Arrrgggh!

Thank God for Edward …

It’s gonna pour …

Silence …

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