A Moment of Quietness

I picked up this little booklet by Tom Wright and read it while trying to get Gareth to sleep. It didn’t work, but his little glares at me with such stillness was rewarding enough. I jotted down some gems in my journal. Share some here …

“I love Quietness … because there comes a time when I realize I don’t know what to say anymore, and when I realize it doesn’t matter.”

“I love Quietness … because when God gave us one mouth and two ears, he probably intended us to use them in that proportion.”

“The command “STOP, LOOK, LISTEN!” is good advice for someone about to cross a road. It’s even better advice for someone who want to cross the threshold into the presence of God.”

“If we always have to say things out loud, there’s no room for mystery and imagination.”

“Beyond words … there is forgiveness that is offered with no need for explanations or excuses”

I think I’m an extrovert most of the time (I think) … I don’t mind talking, sharing and enjoy conversing with people. But even for me, I do enjoy a moment of Quietness. I’ve learnt to enjoy it! And I’m still learning the beauty and rhythm of speech and silence.

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