Missing … In Action … Mercy!

well, I’ll be missing from this Garden for a couple of days … and also one week … but I’ll be in action with DUMC’s Campus Camp. The camp theme is “Not Ashamed ..” Obviously, I think the general feeling is that many “Christians” are ashamed of the Gospel … for whatever reason! Sad but so true … if only we really knew its impact on us!

4 sessions in total … let’s throw in some Luther-style table talk, huh? Play with Mah-Jong paper and Markers! Get into the STORY through ACTS … mini-conversations here and there. Ahh … what’s gonna happen when we talk in the van afterword? … brain juices pumping … Straight talk coupled with Bent Talk, images, metaphors, analogies, can’t help it … but God is creative right?

I pray He’ll do some creative work in the opportunities he’s given to me. I believe He’s ongoing in his creativity. I prefer this view of creation – where he created in the past (sure!) and still creating today (wow!). And through the redemption of Christ .. re-creating us (who are so broken, disintegrated, fragmented, blur?!) .. hey, that gives a new twist to RE-CREATION.

I’ll be missing
May Chin & Gareth (in parallel .. some people think I only miss my son! Oi!)
BLC … the community God has placed me in. I missed them at JB a couple of weeks ago …
Blogging … (that’s oklah! not so bad!)
Loh-mai-Kai & Pan-Mee & Nescafe (my current breakfast diet for one week)
My small table where I journal, listen to the Scriptures and pray!
The Green Kanchil (David Beckham’s favorite car?!)

Soon .. in Action ….
at Chee Foo School .. Cameron Highlands (hmmm .. weather cool!)
with GOD .. who’s already working …
in the lives of people who are thirsting for God (I believe) and ready to resist “control” from powers & forces that’s not looking totally into our real interest!

BTW, I finished 90% of My Ordination paper on “Lutheran Pietism” & “LCMS”. I’ll miss that a little too … hope to wrap it up on Sunday … somehow! Kyrie Eleison … Lord have mercy! How we all need that … Mercy!! Too many “Magic” promises in the air nowadays (which fail to deliver!) … MERCY, yes … new mercies for today .. shower them down Lord, as we pray!!

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