Day 2 – Live from Kota Kinabalu

Thank God for internet access at Sabah Theological Seminary. What an adventure! The camp at CheFoo Methodist centre with DUMC’s Campus Youth was a load of fun and I believe fruitful ministry (PTL!) I was tremendously encouraged by some intense & genuine Commitment I saw in some Youth, had great “Conversations” with a number of individuals both leaders and youth, and was delighted with the God kind-of-CHANGE the Spirit was “slow-cooking” (in the words of Pastor Mike Ngui in a thank you card to me).

I managed to skid down from Brinchang Cameron highlands last Sunday to catch the MAS 9:15pm flight to arrive at KK International Airport at about 12am. The Fish & Potatoes was good inflight food while I didn’t enjoy the squeeze during the whole flight. Read both Sin Chew and NST because I couldn’t sleep.

Ahh … finally arrived at Sabah Theological Seminary .. cool! They have their own hill … wow! The accomadations was “surprising” & “Amazing”! One air-con room for myself .. actually a whole small apartment for Pastor Lau and me … phew! GOD you are so kind to your servant who lacked sleep the last couple of days because of Cameron’s cold temperature and lukewarm showers!

Day 1 – still lacked sleep but was delighted to see an old friend, Bro. Thu (whom later gave me a personal tour of KK – hospitality in action, huh?) Rev. Dr. Vic Pfitzner is a great teacher from Luther Seminary, Australia. I love his relaxed Aussie style … and later found out he’s related to Rev. Dr. John Kleinig also from Luther Seminary who taught me a course during my seminary days! The notes he gave were superb, and as usual I’ve colored, highlighted, mentally engaged in conversation with mini Sivin-Kit-style notes all over the place. Refreshing, nourishing, and plain fun.

The whole afternoon was spent in Bro. THU’s Kanchil, catching up while enjoying KK. Had a nice RM3 Ice-Kacang … and visited Jammie’s church Penampang Basel Christian Church. Cool! Took a picture as evidence!

The evening was a special open lecture on “the New Apostolic Reformation Movement” in which Dr. Vic gave a simple intro with comments based on what he says a Biblical test. Overall as a good humble Christian scholar he gave a pretty fair treatment. I observed some inaccuracies as I perceived them (i.e. tying the movement too closely with the prosperity gospel movement which I personally don’t vauch for) and later took courage during the Q & A to bring my clarification and comments and asked a question that “what are the redeeming features does he find in the movement?” (because I believe it was important to highlight their strengths to evaluate our weaknesses) Which he rightly emphasized is the whole relational view of authority and the passion for missions.

Anyway, I enjoyed the opportunity to speak up and engage this scholar. Just having fun!

Today’s session was good in the morning, but I was a little drowsy and tired. Now. I’m better. I loved the whole exposition on GRACE and the honest realism of our sinfulness …. well, more another time … Looking forward to go to the Mount Kinabalu foothill in the afternoon. Right now, something more immediate, tea break!!

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