Day 3 again – Seafood Bonus!

Ahhh .. May Chin would have loved it. Special milk-oil tiger prawns, fresh prawns and a big steam fish thrown in. The Vege was superb, and some new I-dunno-what-that-is sea creature I ate … (which I saw squirst water out somehow before its death to feed us).

Thanks to Bishop & Mrs. Voo .. Ps. Lau and I indulged in a seafood extravaganza lunch and visited Basel Christian Church of Malaysia’s (BCCM) headquarters. It’s a denomination that goes back at least 120years. Phew! LCMS is merely 50years this year … wow!

Many people I know who’ve come from Sabah have their Christian roots in churches linked with this denomination. And I’m thankful for their blessings to west Malaysia.

One thing I’ve learnt in my stay here until Day 3 afternoon is “Context” is truly King (or in a less bent manner – crucial). KK, BCCM churches, the politics here, and loads of other stuff is so different even though we’re Malaysians. Not that I didn’t know this intellectually .. it was just a good reminder. And yet, in our sessions with Dr. Vic Pfizner, and through his sharing I realized we also have much in common especially when it comes to the challenges we face when we seek to live out the Christian life. What a paradox, in our humanity we’re the same and yet in living out our humanity in our unique context the various emphasis and applications require a little bit more (actually much much more) care and focus.

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit itchy, hopefully it’s not my weak system reacting to sea food … opps …

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