Re-entry to “Semenanjung” Life

I don’t know where to start. After, one week of “seminaring” and just immediately after the DUMC Campus Zone camp (which was three days and two nights.) I think, all in all my total travel time should be at least 10 hours to and fro Cameron … and then for the 5 days and 5 nights to and fro Kota Kinabalu, Sabah another 6 hours (plus and minus a bit of airport time) … up and down. Phew! Physically, it’s tiring especially for someone who’s usually in KL & PJ (occassionally Seremban) then I haven’t counted the JB Wesley Family Camp either … that would be another 10 hours to and fro. I enjoyed all these “outstation” moments .. lots of new memories being formed, new friendships and new experiences. The travel does take a toil on my body and of course all in all my emotions also goes through some sapping … (not in a bad way .. just a human reaction to so much change and interaction in new environments that’s all)

Thought of Bro. Thu today … and two words pop up – EXCELLENCE & EMOTION. Ever since I knew him he was always a man of excellence in everything he did (sometimes people may feel it borders perfectionism – that’s a matter of opinion). But the desire for excellence in him just inspires me. On top of that he pours his emotions (or passion) fully into this pursuit as well. Anyway, whether it’s music (he’s a self-taught pianist who’d play until sweat was all over the piano keys!), or rushing the VCD of a key session at the seminar (he actually almost didn’t sleep to finish editing, and then doing a master copy and print some copies for us!) It would be nice to see more of this in BLC and Malaysian Churches today.

Then kind of had some closure on some stuff that was bugging me as I came back from the seminar. It’s a the word caricaturethat rose in a conversation in the plane coming back. Specifically, when it was used to describe how we view some Christian groups. I felt that – if their is a value of Caricatures (imagine sharpened features in cartoonlike portraits often used by the Sun paper – M’sia) – it’s that it helps us quick top recognize their distinctive features. And we can even laugh a bit at ourselves and with others. We could also even point out what needs attention. But, it’s important to take note that it does not really represent the total REALITY (even a photograph which is closer still isn’t the final REAL thing!) The photo is still nearer to the REALiTY because it sees us more in the ordinary, taking into account the background, the context, the timing, the variables and even dynamic changes.

I like these two insights for today … 🙂 A good landing I think!

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