It is finished … well not really!

Finally after I dunno-how-long of procrastination, my ordination paper is finished.. The not really part is my learning is never finished!

I’ve just send it via email to my Supervisor … upcoming PhD Candidate in Trinity Theological College S’pore Rev. Thomas Low. Aparently, he’s planning to do something on the Puritans. It’s fun to have him look through the paper … he taught me Lutheranism for my seminary denominational distictive course. He helped me appreciate my Lutheran heritage.

Bishop Chang asked for the paper as well so I should pass it to him tomorrow. Wonder what he will say.

The Ministerium (Gathering of the Lutheran Reverands and pastors) will be next Tuesday. And I will be interviewed on some questions … wow! it’s like oral exam during Form 5 or being interviewed to get a job – whateverlah.

Then … if all goes well … the Ordination. A new beginning?! sounds like it.

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