My Refuge Be

All throughout my days
I will seek Your peace
Let me hear Your voice
singing over me
When my weary heart
drives me to despair
In the shadows Lord,
Let me find You there

Into You I will hasten
Into You I will lean
Light of the world
My only shelter
King of love
My refuge be
King of love
My Refuge be

Friend of broken hearts
and all the lost
I will find my strength
in Your precious cross
And with every breath
that You give to me
May I glorify
your majesty

This is a beautiful song that’s warmed my heart this monday morning. Peaceful melody and strong lyrics. I “accidently”?! got linked to a worship website by David M. Edwards and heard it there. Hope to share it some day. I agree with Luther next to Theology, music tops the list of influence for me!

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