ORDINATION … prelude

The date is set on the 31st August 2003 Sunday. The place will be Luther House Chapel. The event is the closing worship service of the LCMS convention (and one day after the 50th Anniversary LCMS Worship Celebration & Banquet). And this will be the day of my ORDINATION.

I attended my first full ministerium meeting today from 10am to 6pm! Had a chance to observe some of the proceedings. Interesting and Amusing in its own special way! After Lunch, then it’s our turn to one by one be interviewed and respond to questions by anyone (i.e. any Reverands!). There was at least 15 of them.

For me, most questions related to my paper on “Lutheran Pietism” and that was good. Two questions are particularly memorable and cute … one related to “Yoga” then the other related to “Chinese culture”. And of course, the two most personal questions related to my call as a pastor – First how I responded to the call to be one. Second, why do I want to be ordained?

Hmm ….For Ordination I replied “I guess, it’s a bit like Baptism I said where in and through Baptism I’m initiated into the Kingdom of God. So, Ordination for me is like an initiation deeper into the ministry and calling I believe God has upon me“.

So, in a sense it’s not so much whether I want to be ordained as it’s on my initiative. I believe like Baptism it’s a response to God’s grace and initiative upon my life. More and more these days I see my actions, my words, and my life as a RESPONSE (a second move) rather than my own proactiveness (i.e. I make the first move). God always makes the first move … When I look at Gareth now and think of his baptism, God made a first move on him. That gives me a picture of my own baptism as a child. Interesting! Amusing! … AMAZING!

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