Manufactured Miracles

Robbie Williams oh Robbie Williams why is it thy MTVs give me such impressions that I need to get stuff off my chest to feel better? The “Lord make me a better man” has glittered I dunno how many messages, private comments, and personal thoughts. And now, “Manufactured Miracles”…

Participants who would go to the extreme to imitate their “idol” – twisting their hips, pulling their heads back, the smile, the singing, even the underwear or lack of it (oosh!). All for a prize … to be like Robbie Williams – to be with Robbie Williams(I’ll use RW from now on .. tiring typing the name!). The Passion, the commitment, the hard work, the embaressment, whatever it takes … to be like RW, to be with RW, to show RW to all the world.

The three make it finally, the white limo sends them to Master RW classes to fine tune the moves, the make-up and the magic of RW already inherent in these RW wannabes! After rehearsing in front of wall-long mirrors with TV monitors guiding every step and a personal “mentor” every single moment … the final products are out … RWs in three new forms. They are all not RW … but they are RW. That’s what this whole “Manufacturing” is all about … what a “miracle” it is … the applause, the fame, the chance of a lifetime.

The word “manufactured” is ok … from the whole industrial age. Nothing much to say. But I like the word “Miracle” … wish it was put to better use. The way I remember it the word – “Miracle”- had a lot more punch than the few paragraphs trying to describe the RW phenomena above.

I think it had something to do with making the lame walk, the blind to see, announcing that all is debt free, a cross with GOD on it, a tomb with a missing Rabbi, fishermen changing the world, fiery pharisee turned martyr for a man he once hated, a bunch of nobodies giving away properties, a 15 year old wanting to be a shepherd rather than a scientist at a tender age, …

Ahhh …. now that’s no “human manufacturing” – it’s outright “divine mystery”!

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