I’m baacck! No more, no less …

Phew … what a weekend. Sunday was of course nothing out-of-the-ordinary except a bunch of Christ-followers gathering at the Father’s House just to honor HIM in worship (I realize now the fact that we gather itself is a WITNESS to the World of our Father’s love and provision!). Now, we’re all scattered in out respective locations and vocations!

Sunday 4pm onwards, I spent some hours with my Toastmaster buddies … and sat through an EXCO meeting. I’m humbled to be the Sargent at Arms (SAA), and plan to do a better job than last year (because i didn’t know what I got into as a VP Public relations). The club president used the word “Ambassador” at the meeting to describe my role and function. Hmm …. hehehehe

Saturday was a marathon … starting at 2pm with the afternoon taken up by the 1st Asian Youth Ambassador Leadership Institute (AYALI) Board Meeting. One thing for sure, I wasn’t bored! It’s good to hang around people with a sense of vision and mission. It kinds of rubs off on ya!

After that, I almost got lost around 4:30pm at Sunway trying to get to Community Baptist Church Sunway (I’ve just been there once!). God knows what we need and he supplies definately just enough for us. I was kind of feeling a little low at times dues to some not-so-encouraging news which is a common occurance nowadays. One of the youth shared about how letting go of some “unhelpful” pressure actually helped him do his best for his last exams. We talked about it at the youth camp last year. It’s fantastic to see ministry last year bearing fruit this year. I’m so glad he told me.

After speaking, worshipping and praying with the CBC youth (I think about 60 of them), landed at the 4A house about 9pm. Had a nice curry chicken dinner to reward myself.

Glad to spent some time with Gareth and May Chin on Monday. Then the evening was the 50th Anniversary Worship Rehearsal. Don’t know what happened to my right ear? Is it water? or something went in? Disturbing and uncomfortable. Anyway, God’s grace is sufficient for me.

I was reading Exodus this morning and was struck by how God supplied just enough of “heavenly food” when the grumbling people of Israel was in the wilderness. Just enough portion for one day – no more, no less. And I think it’s the same with spiritual energy and resource he gives me these days. Just enough – no more, and no less. It’s not like getting a full tank one day and hope it supplies my need the whole week – or the whole month – surely not long term. Sporadic explosions are great but sporadic. The life in Christ is a daily affair … the ministry & work for His Kingdom is no different.

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