Personal Retreat Day – Blog No. 100

Tonight it’s HouSE of PrAyER for BLC. For me, it’s kind of a climax where we gather as a community focused on “Prayer”. The process starts right now. Got a decent breakfast and I’m ready for the Holy Spirit to …

1. Refresh me …
2. Rejuvenate me …
3. Re-source me …

I’m “retreating” in order to “re-engage” back into action and ministry. It’s the “Rhythm” led by the Spirit so the Self doesn’t get in the way of the Savior, but rather Serves Him out of Spiritual Power!

How is this gonna happen?
– Get a haircut to freshen up (cf. it’s symbolic too!)
– Participate “virtually” at the Vineyard USA 2003 Leadership Conference – they have gems that needs to be heard, digested and adapted in my own life and ministry. This following picture is cool – the national vineyard director standing on a whale!! (I can’t imagine my Bishop doing this …). The picture of riding on a whale on the waves is an astonishing metaphor for leadership … cool!


– Have an extended one day tending-garden “Orchid Time” (cf. Personal silence & solitude with Spirit & Scripture)
Refocusing & Refining Personal Vision: Look back and look forward while being open to Spirit-leadership (cf. if possible write a letter)

A closing prayer I got from ALLELON which has now become my prayer …
+++help us to be hospitable to those we come in contact with, teach us to equip more effectively and shape us into the people you wish us to be+++

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