What a ride!

It’s so interesting what one can go through in a day. It’s like riding a roller coaster at times. You start slow and unexciting, then suddenly you’re lifted to heights you didn’t imagine would come. Surprise! The Spirit at work and takes over for God’s Glory and purpose. You just get out of the way or go with the flow.

After that, a cool nourishing time of acquisition of combined wisdom of a Malaysian, an American and a pool of resource people. Lots to munch in due time ….

A good morning and afternoon of “visioning” and preliminary “stewardship”. Some emails in and out. Opps …. a phone call to shake one back to reality!

A slight rush before going for “looking forward” to gathering of believers … blessed. Drive home and then back to the ground again.

So, now … getting back where I started … a recognition of one’s humanness (with a realization of human brokenness as well) – a slow and easy start, with a slow and easy end for today.

Just read an encouraging mail which allowed me to have a softer landing tonight, such grace!

What a ride!

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