Nourished & Nurtured by Newbigin

The first time I was exposed to Lesslie Newbigin (1909-1998) was through Rev. Hwa Yung’s Christian Theology & Asian Theology classes. His book “Proper Confidence” really helped me gain proper confidence in my Christian discipleship. And now, loads of his writings are available for personal theological “nourishment” and missiological “nurture” at


Suddenly I’m filled with gratitude for missionaries like him who gave their lives for the work of the Gospel in foreign lands. So often, we lack appreciation for their good work, and dwell on missionary mistakes. My Dad was impacted by an American missionary-pastor Henri Bishop, and it was good to meet BLC founding missionary-pastor Robert Neff when BLC got resurrected.

I don’t know what Newbigin means but it does look like a combination of “New Beginning” which was the theme for BLC when we started. At this stage, I feel “New beginnings” don’t end … they just keep coming back again and again. Because the Gospels’ implication of “Radical Newness” is still at work in me, my family and my local faith community.

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