Down but not out!

I’ve been confined to the bed and the 4A house for almost three days now. Headache, fever, flu, sore throat (still sore now) …. and I’m due for a college camp speaking engagement tomorrow at Genting Highlands. I’m taking at least two days and leaving the last one for a fired up young speaker. I believe this partnership will be fruitful because he is an insider as the president of the CF and I believe the Spirit may stirr stuff that needs to be stirred from his angle. As for me, a guest (well quite a frequent guest)- I may be used by the Spirit to add on to what is already happening in their midst. I enjoy these dual or triple speaker arrangements. It adds flavour to the whole camp exercise!

Hmm …. I’m wondering is the overdose of pills and antibiotics getting to me … hope to get my final rest today. Get back a little into rhythm. I’m down physically but I’m definately not out!

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