Blessed to be a Blessing

My Daddy – Stephen Kit always used this phrase whenever he recalls his Bible Study days with the Bethal Series. As I approach my ordination on Sunday, I couldn’t help but overflow with a heart of gratitude towards God and many people whom he has blessed and they’ve been a blessing to me. None of them are ordained clergy but they are kind of “unsung heros” (ordained by God to bless) who’ve contributed in very “practical”-down-to-earth ways with a touch of God’s joy and kindness!

In no particular order …

1. The Leongs – Gave me my first proper PC & printer (plus modem) as a gift which later turned into a wonderful tool for me to explore beyond boundaries! And now, again … my Neo-suit (Vestment) as I call it – my robe (or alb) cincture (the rope thingy around my waist ) and stole (kind of like a tie around my neck) .. . but more than that is some advice and lots of encouragement over the years!

2. The Lims – Uncle Lim just went back to the Lord a couple of weeks ago. But we’ve know this family since I was born. And if it wasn’t for John inviting me to the Setapak Christ Lutheran Church (CLC) Student Fellowship, I wonder how this will all turn out. I told him on Monday of how important that invitation was … in fact, I met May Chin and got married in CLC. So, you can imagine!

3. The Phangs – Auntie Phang has done a wonderful job with the robe (alb), her personal touch in tailoring and the whole family’s friendship to us goes way back with the Leongs and the Lims. In fact they were part of the first CLC youth fellowship!! Uncle Pang’s constant smile and kind words has lifted me up I dunno how many times! His quiet faith itself energizes me.

4. The Tans – Blessed BLC with one of their sons – James!! 🙂 But, in their own way .. behind the scenes they’ve truly invested in our lives consistently without fail and giving a pat on our backs in their own special way!

5. The Seets – Extras during the STM years really made a difference. Stay-overs, late night sharings, wrestling with issues together, etc. The quiet support personally especially during the STM years took away lots of worries to make space for books as well as openness to grow.

6. The Foongs – Right from my teenage years of transportation until gentle words of advice especially when we were transitioning to BLC they have walked alongside us ..

7. The Maus – Talk about being available when needed … especially Eric to share God’s word with us since our beginnning in BLC. And now, seeing God bless them with their hearts desire is a tremendous joy! Great listeners and cheer leaders … they lead each other to cheer for us I think!

8. The Tews – Our peers – we go way back from either Form 3 and Form 5 to today! Amazing … For their unconditional acceptance, patience, and honest feedback, and the honor to be their sons God-parents.

9. Add to the list people – of course there are more … we’re just so blessed!

10. And of course – I must mention the immediate Kit Family and Long Family. It’s great to have a safe home where we can be ourselves and know there’s always support, correction and guidance from our siblings (walking alongside us) and our parents (who’ve walked ahead of us and charted a way with their life example, struggles and sharing!)

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