AYALI – Developing Your Vision

I’ll be off to the Asian Youth Ambassadors Leadership Institute hopefully in 20minutes time (phew!) … here’s what’s install for my “excited” students! hahaha!

Thursday, 4 September 2003
Session One: Introducing the Process
Session Two: Gaining Perspective Where have you been?
Session Three: Your Personal Mission Statement Where are you going?
Finding Personal Mentors Who can help you get there?

Friday, 5 September 2003
Session Four: Presentations
Session Five: Presentations
& Finishing Well How can you reach your destination?
Session Six: Applications to Youth Ministry

Work .. work … work! Home or class …
1. Completion of the following Written Assignments
a. Personal Timeline (1 Page) & Personal Story (2 Pages) \
b. Personal Development Plan Worksheet
c. Mission Statement Exercise & Personal Vision Worksheet
d. Personal Mission Statement (1 Page)
e. Personal Mentors Exercise
f. Personal & Effectiveness Checklist
g. Youth Ministry Application: Timeline-Mission Statement-Resource Exercise (3 Page)

2. Presentation on the following
a. Personal Timeline, Mission Statement & Mentors Exercise (20 minutes)
b. Youth Ministry Timeline, Mission Statement & Resource Exercise (20 minutes)

3. Participation at all classes & exercises.

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