Growing Old or Growing Up?

My friend Kenneth noticed the increasing grey (or white) patches (a matter of perspective) colouring my crown (hmm hair!). Usually, the immediate reaction I get from people is “wah …. how come lots of white hair now ah?” (maybe I’m under lots of stress … that’s possible but I think it’s because I think-day dream-reflect-whatever too much?!)

Anyway, when I was younger I felt people didn’t respect me because of age (which is common .. I do it myself at times … pay back time!) so secretly I thought some greys might help (fulfillment of prophecy? haha!). Now, with extra white hair gaining attention .. we wonder whether we’re growing old too fast. Such an irony … we are!

Well, I guess Growing older (or old) is part of life isn’t it? But the more important thing is whether we’re growing up from our immature thinking, misplaced idealism, misinformed so called realism (which often is just skepticism), emotional baggage, spiritual childishness, relational inadequacy, intellectual laziness, etc. (the list can go on!)

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