A “small candle”..


Thoughts from my friend who is not a Christian … he’s on some pilgrimage that’s for sure (nothing edited here) ___________________________________________

Nothings is more important than to “Be a good “example” as a good human with care & love” 🙂

so ya…we all have the common direction ne 🙂
Human Heart Peace—-> world peace. 🙂

Help them to help themself…ne…Teach them a catch of fish ne..

Ya…no need to be a big candle that can be lighten for very long time but Not as “Light” as compare to be a “small candle”..but can lighten up a lot of others candle…

Ya, we are here to lighten up the others.. 🙂 ne 🙂

Ya… God love every humans for what they are 🙂

I’m sitting here after almost all the inside of the Father’s House is completed. I really like the new Cross we put at the center (it’s kind of like a modern stain glass-icon flavoured IKEA procut!). Rev. Wolfgang reminded me one day that it would be good for the Cross to be at the center. (100% agree)

This takes me back to the “little candle” that burned two thousand years ago in the life, death & resurrection of Christ that’s central to us as Christians. And the way he lights up our darkness … is equally important.

After being part of BLC, I’m thankful for a healthy Rhythm of action and contemplation. I’ve seen my share of “boom”-“bang”-“bright” fireworks … in Christian ministry and activities in the past and even now amongs the Christian world. There’s hardly any breathing space for relationships or can I say space for God the Spirit to blow upon us in many of our churches. Sorry Lord.

I just heard how one is questioning “why do we do what we do?”, what’s the motivating force within us? Love? compassion? achievement? fame? money? sex? power? What on earth is happening to Malaysian Christianity? Sorry Lord, again …

Songs sung, words spoken, with no heart or little heart … the forms are there, the style a bit here and there. .. but, where’s the light? where’s the warmth? … the God-kind of life, love and light … Sorry Lord, Triple ..

I know as a Christian it’s more than about being good (now me and my friend who emailed have some starting point in that sense we have some common direction)… but it’s beyond commitment to the good .. it’s about connection to GOD (the source of all goodness)… getting connected to the one who can truly give life and let life flow in and through us. I want that, I want to share that. So help me GOD!

I like his thought on a small candle that can light up other candles … when i was a youth pastor many people expected be to be a kind of BIG light … but after more than three years of “Renovation” I want to encourage other “small candles”, together we can light up the world. Jesus definately is taking the lead And it’s more fun too! So help us GOD!

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