Free MP3 Radio

I was originally looking for “instrumental” music so I could enter prayer easier for the “Sacred Space” site.. I found what I wanted and got surprised by WINAMP.COM so clicked on this …


Always wondered what “ambient” music is (like how come ambient is under electronica) … I like the word. then wahlah! … woaaahh … that was fun!

But the pleasant find was “electic rock” .. liked the so called “electic intelligent rock” stuff … 🙂 which led me to …


yup .. movies and music … for now, the music … Michael Hedges – Prelude to Cello Suite #1 (JS Bach) is good! Followed by Sinad O’ Connor’s You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart. from In The Name Of The Father (Soundtrack) a pretty good movie as well! This stuff is my kind of music man .. whoah!

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