The highs, the lows & the levels

“Keong Heong” Restraunt needs to give us a discount card. It seems its THE place for “makan” (i.e. eating). Reasonably priced, decently cooked, not-too-hot (with some air-con & sufficient fan-air), occassionaly a malay guitar-singer would entertain us for a contribution, all in all a pretty-good-hang-out.

The two LiFe Groups that I’m mostly involved in now were so kind to give me a treat (they had a lot to eat as well) and a cake too (wah! lah!). And presents yes presents! MPH book vouchers … they know my needs & wants! HE was there in the high land.

Listened to a friend and could feel some of his pain .. wished could help more … hope (and willing to help) as he responds in a Christ-like maturity. HE was there in the low land.

Had a good time re-arranging the Thinking Room, Moh Foong moved her PC in with a wireless mouse (I’m dated I admit but I’m still more wired than a lot of others – OUCH .. the need to compare in order to self-comfort is real .. hehe). The revised positions are helpful. HE was there in the level land.

Omnipresence – what a big word for some .. Everywhere present … Geographically? Sure …
Chronogically? Sure …

Meaningfully (in the highs, the lows & levels) of the day? Sure … absolutely … I believe (help my unbelief or shaky belief sometimes)

YOU are here!

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