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I was happily checking out the books at MPH 1 Utama and enjoying what I could get with the fresh book vouchers from the two LiFE Groups last night … and as I walked to the cashier to pay I saw the two books from McLaren which has been a tremendous blessing of grace and guidance to me selling with a 10% discount (minus RM7.14, pretty good considering the hardcover book is RM71.40). From then on I decided to tell the whole world. 🙂 It’s only natural to want to share something that has impacted you so much.

Anyway, I thought some reviews from others (in italics) would speak for the books and their benefit. I bought both (at different times .. with quite a long interval in between) and devoured them for myself (I remember within a couple of days! And I would read them again), got another two for BLC library (now with Edward but hope BLC members will give them a try) and got another two for a good friend (because I think he wouldn’t mind reading something quite different). Hmmm maybe that’s why MPH thought there’s a market for the books?! thus, from just one or two books hidden here and there -… now a whole stack!


I have a lot of respect for Brian and this book is a rare gift. I fear that some won’t hear the essential message because they’ll get bogged down criticizing some of the details. I walked away from it disturbed and refreshed – disturbed because Brian challenged me to a deeper understanding of faithfulness; refreshed because he takes the first steps toward clearing a path for those willing to set aside preconceived notions about what it means to be a Christian


Another great title by McLaren. Explores a meta-narrative to live by, and includes some tthought provoking points to reflect on and stew over.
Don’t bother with this book if you dont have an open mind. It is challenging, and can at times take a couple of reads of a sectionto really embrace it. If you dont read this book in the way it was meant to by read, in the spirit that it was meant to be view in, then chances are you will hate it.

As for me… I love it, if you are looking for inspiration, go right ahead

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