Whether Lawyers, Too, Can Be Saved

I married a lawyer. I’m surrounded by lawyers. I befriend lawyers. Quite a number of people part of BLC are lawyers. i enjoy Lawyers TV-shows and Movies.

I believe like every decent occupations, they play an important role in the public square and the marketplace. So, when I saw this article a couple of years ago “Whether Lawyers, Too, Can Be Saved” and was delightfully suprised how the insights relates to other vocations as well.

One quote to give some foretaste of Prof. Tuttle’s Views:
Our professions these worldly jobs, with all their warts and demanding bosses and annoying clients have the potential to be divine callings, “masks of God” places where we participate in God’s gracious governance of this world. And yet (here we go back to the first “yes, but”) they also hold the potential to be twisted, perverted into instruments of violence, destruction, and injustice.

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