Girls just wanna have fun (Boys too!)

After the renovations were almost complete, a bunch of us gathered on a Friday evening to “Re-boot” the Father’s House! Someone told me he really treasured times like these … so here’s a glimpse …

Some ladies were cleaning clothes in the book of Acts, these ladies clean books (Ee Lynn , Hoong Guit, Wan Ching, and Sigrun ) !

Assistant to Pastor (A2P) Moh Foong who’s helped me a lot … and Wife to Pastor (W2P?) May Chin who’s helping me my whole life!

Our very own Indiana Joo mutated into the Janitor …

In his former life he was a Model … our beloved council member Daniel Ng …

Keat Lim on the run from who?

As we are sharing, do you notice two young girls at the back (Joanne & Moh Foong) playing

sharing 2.jpg
It’s more than just moving stuff back to it’s place, it’s bring meaning back into our lives!

what would happen if we replaced time spent infront of the TV with spent centering ourselves in Christ instead?

Something Good is going to happen!

BLC – the people still work in progress! Here’s just a sampling … some others at home, many more on the way!

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