Two Simple Insights …

I was delighted to get in touch back with Coach Hunter. As always, his insights spur me on one step at a time and keeps me focused when i start to get cluttered.

Here’s two simple insights I got this morning .. (his thoughts in bold, my reflections after his!)

“I don’t think we should let a church context determine our ministry. Whether the church is young or old, denominational or non-, etc. makes no difference: we are still trying to make kingdom oriented disciples of Jesus. The only difference context makes is HOW we go about it.”

Sometimes, I wonder what would it be like if I were serving in a non-Lutheran denomination or church. Someone asked me lately, do we really need to be “Lutherans” (meaning being part of the Lutheran denomination in Malaysia)? Hunter is right on target – straight to the heart of the matter. .With the CORE making kingdom oriented disciples of Jesus in focus, there’s is much more openness, grace and creativity in HOW we operate in our various CONTEXT.

“The micro level is the real level; working patiently with people and finding those with ears to hear are the big keys.”

Sitting around a table and launching into “global” concerns and issues can be very stimulating to the mind and expands one’s horizons. For me reading other people’s blogs, writings and thoughts really sets my heart and mind on fire! But, what is rewarding indeed is when I have a chance to witness people respond to GOD’s invitation to Kingdom life not just once but continuously … and at a micro level – it’s UP CLOSE & PERSONAL!

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