Church As An Organism

Was drawn to the questions (in bold) posed by Fred Peatross in his blog on Church. In many ways, the fact remains that I and those of us in BLC are part of an organization (humanly speaking) but we must never be reduced to only that!


The church of Jesus Christ is a mystery. It’s a mystery in part because of its unique spiritual-physical genetic structure. Yet throughout history, church leaders and theologians have often reduced the wondrous mystery of the church to more easily grasped human-size models—the church as a building, a hierarchy, or an institution. The New Testament church gets lost in such approaches.

Think of the church as a complex organism and then ask:

Where is God in this spiritual organism?
Where would one place the pastor and other leaders?
Where do all the members of the body fit in?
Where does this organism fit in the larger society in which you live?


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