Richard Foster & Renovare


I think Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline was really instrumental in my journey for a more wholistic discipleship (and also view on Spiritual Disciplines – Discipline was a good word after reading his books!), his book on Prayer gave me the vocabulary to understand and explore the variety of heartfelt communion with GOD. And Streams of Living Water gave a wonderfully balanced vision of how the best of the different traditions of Christianity can bring renewal in my life. The book on Money, Sex & Power (also titled The challenge to the Disdciplined life) gave me some handles to wrestle through what i think about them.

Renovare is a wonderful organization that is committed to working for the renewal of the Church of Jesus Christ in all her multifaceted expressions. The newsletters Perspective & Heart to Heart has been a tremendous help to me as well…

Thanks Richard & Thanks Renovare .. for sharing!

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