Church Dating?

Read this linked from Richard Vincent’s Putting Small Groups in Their Place Blog:

Put simply, “[b]elonging happens when you identify with another entity – a person or organization, or perhaps a species, culture, or ethnic group” (p. 25). People are looking for healthy relationships, a home, a place to belong, a group with whom to identify. We could say they are “church-shopping” but the better metaphor is “church-dating”:

What I believe may be happening is that people are dating our congregations. They are looking for communities where they can become a part of the family. You do not shop for family. You date to find family. (p. 130)

Last Thursday, I was encouraged by a handful of people who “dated” BLC and felt they’d like to become part of the family! This Sunday we’ll be welcoming them and Baby Darlene into the fold!

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