Positive thinking vs. Constructive Thinking

Got this from my bedtime reading book, New Thinking for the New Millennium by Edward De Bono because I felt I was overdosing myself with Theology, so try something not so “Christian” for a change … and it was fun. I got back to this book on “thinking” because I was reminded in the “Ecclesiology (Lutheran Distinctives)” class by our very own German Rev. Wolfgang (LCMS consultant in Lutheran Theology) that Luther emphasized education in order for people to learn to read and write so they could read the Scriptures for themselves. I guess, today many of us can read and write. What we need is to learn how to “think” and “articulate our thoughts” in new ways and constructive ways!

Check out his General Thinking Course, fun! (at least I can see the outline for free .. . learning “how to think” aint cheap … hahah!)

Anyway, here’s a quote from p.35:

There’s a huge difference between positive thinking and constructive thinking.

You are standing in a market-place and a car parks on your foot. Positive thinking suggests that you make the best of your enforced immobility. You look around and appreciate the architecture. You watch the stallholders and human nature. You inhale and appreciate the smells. You chat to children who gather around. constructive thinking suggests you make an effort to get the car shifted.

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