Random Thoughts B4 I Sleep

I was happy for the three Survivor girls for voting out Burton! May Chin was even happier.

Tapio’s Apartment is really cool! I’m looking forward to the Christmas Tea party there.

Delighted to a couple of positive responses to my invitation to the party.

I was encouraged by the “full participation” of our latest LiFE Group addition. Sad though some others have been missing.

Excited to check out the articles from the TRANSFORMATION journal at least until 31st December 2003.

So much that’s going on around us is out of our control

An early Christmas e-mail greeting was a nice glimpse of sunshine in these gloomy times.

Amazed by the love and care of some people.

Gareth is really growing up fast.

Still recuperating from the Asian Mission Conference … the work ahead is vast!

Lies, deception, untruth, secrecy, hidding, lack of transparence, ….. is becoming deeply embedded in our culture (unless it’s already embedded … Lord have mercy on us!)

Got a wedding to attend tomorrow …

wow! I’m gonna lead worship this Sunday at BLC after a long break …

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