A Is for Abductive

I think we Asian Christians can learn from the efforts of this Sweet, McLaren & Haselmayer collaboration.


For example, there are many important insights I’ve gleaned from the recent Asian Mission Conference and of course more and more reading some of the “Transformation” Journal articles especially in matters of development, culture and other religions. But I believe to go one step further, we need to write more for the church (starting with church leaders) to resource the change that we envision for the Emerging “Asian” Church. One interesting comment by one of the presenters in the conference is how we Asians is often overwhelmed with the material produced by our western Christian brothers & sisters. We all laughed at that comment. I appreciate those efforts of course, but we need to start working out things for ourselves not just at the macro level (cf. producing home-grown Asian Theologies, Bible commentaries or study guides, and Missiological reflections & proposals, etc) but also at the most micro level (cf. One of the hopes I have is for pastors like myself to not only engage on these issues on a personal level but intentionally seek to work in out at the most grass-root local congregational level. For now, as far as writing is concerned I can merely blog *grin*)

A is for Asia … A is also for Africa … 🙂 A is for ALL of us!

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