From fragmentation to Integration

Ok … I must admit most of my exposure has been from more “Evangelical” (cf. Lausanne) sources. I have had some exposure to the so called “Ecumenical” wing (cf. World Council of Churches).

I know labels aren’t that useful nowadays to describe where many of us are at on our journey (in fact I like both words). But this is one way we can look back at our history and have a fresh look at ourselves!

To plunge deeper I am part of the Lutheran tribe! 🙂 and the past few years have had a growing appreciation of that heritage! I did “Methodism” for an elective in seminary (had three for room mates!). I was taught by Anglicans as well in seminary. I did spent a couple of years in the Assembly of God church before returning to the Lutheran church of my parents. Rather than being fragmented, i find myself enriched by all the experiences and learning given me through different phases(& pit-stops) of my spiritual growth. And I feel more confident now that will be the case in my on-going journey as a Christ-follower

Back to Ecumenical stuff … here are some WCC resources:
Edinburgh to Salvador: Twentieth Century Ecumenical Missiology by T.V. Philip

Mission and Evangelism — An Ecumenical Affirmation

Mission & Evangelism in Unity Today (preparatory paper no.1)

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