Twelve Insights for Xmas 2003

It was good to meet Tim Dearborn in person at the AMC 2003 in S’pore. We just had a short conversation. But, he did leave a deep impression on me. So when I saw the “Short-Term Missions Workbook: From Mission Tourist to Global Citizens” he authored, I got a copy for BLC. Even though it’s more specifically for cross-cultural missions but then nowadays it’s not so different as we assume it to be …


My mini-reflections with Dearborn’s gems!
1 It is not the church of God that has a mission in the world, but the God of mission who has a church in the world.

BLC’s John 20:21 Life verse keeps me going .. and I do tend to over-focus on ourselves rather than the God who’s called us! He’s the subject!

2 That which is yet to be done in the world is far less than that which has already been done!

It’s so easy to complain and complain about what’s not done yet … but much has been done and is still in progress … for that I’m encouraged and energized! (better than just complaining)

3 People are more alike than their cultures.

Yup … I find myself connecting with more people globally with the same mindset than I ever thought could have happened. Especially this last year in my interactions with Wolfgang (German), Jason (English), Bob (English-Canadian), the Berry’s (Aussie), Tapio (Finnish), and some new contacts from AMC 2003 (fellow Asians). The blogging esperience also agrees with this!

4 Love is the universal language.

That last prayer from a Filipino pastor did wonders for me in S’pore. Still feeling the effect.

5 Short-term missions is a treasure hunt.

Hope to experience this more … now, it’s more at a local level. There’s was one short-terms missions I had was not how it should have been. Watch out for the future!

6 In cross-cultural encounters we are meeting long-lost, distant relatives.

My Geneva trip for a LWF meeting comes to mind . The Asian Youth Consultation a couple of years ago. And then the recent AMC 2003, not forgetting one of my first experiences in Nanjing during my 3rd year in Seminary. Somehow most were in conference, meetings, seminar, kind of settings. More learning ahead!

7 God goes before you — you are catching up on the conversation that God has already begun.

That is absolutely true in my recent encounters with pre-Christians. More and more I feel that I merely need to open my mind to see what’s already going on and move from there.

8 God does not send us to be critics.
It takes some energy to be overly critical and it’s draining as well …

9 In the treasure hunt of grace, our encouragement and affirmation of people may be our most significant ministry.

I feel i always underestimate the double blessings of encouragement and affirmation though I’ve received it so often!

10 Our privilege is to lift Jesus up in deed and word.

Not a duty, not a pressure, not a burden …. an honour!

11 The quality of our love as a team and our incorporation of new team members may be our greatest witness.

Being precedes doing … finding our significance as a group preceds our successes!

12 God will not call us to do something without also giving us the resources to do it.

As I step into 2004, trying to sort out my books at home and the thinking room, stepping back for a while to re-focus myself as a person, I can’t help but be thankful for all the little little teahcings, experiences, moments, up-and-downs, crisis, challenges that have now become resources for me or a link to grow deeper as a human!

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