Silver Box with a Golden ribbon

BLC – Bangsar Lutheran Church the people never stops surprising me … and May Chin and I (even Gareth) were delighfully “zapped” for a while!

We got a Silver Box with a Golden Ribbon, an up close and personal prayer of blessing and thanksgiving, and a round of love & appreciation! All this made our last Sunday Worship Gathering even more meaningful and pleasant…

Just glanced through the notes and cards written especially for us (we even got origami shaped ones too!), we felt so encouraged by the personal comments which came straight from the heart of every “sheep” that voiced their love for us! All of this becomes an “energizer” for us to continue serving in the capacity Christ has called us into and play our role in His Kingdom Agenda!

This Silverbox with a Golden ribbon is special because of what’s inside – i.e. the personally written cards and notes (& origami + gifts). And the “stuff” is significant because of the lifes that each phrase, each paragraph, each word represents. And some how we’re all put together along this journey … waiting for that day when the Triune GOD Father Son Holy Spirit – Our Great Shepherd opens his “Silverbox with a Golden Ribbon which contains our life-offering” delight GOD’s heart for all eternity.

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