Best & Worst (The Kit Family)

Well before I beam off from BlogWorld again (until 2004) …. I should have a look at the little civilization God has entrusted to us as a young family. Again in no particular order of importance … because all are important!

1. PD HOliday
The last 3 days 2 nights were I think the best one we have so far. We just felt so so blessed and well rested… Good food, great swimming, lots of beauty sleep, time to talk, laugh and enjoy the environment. A wonderful pre-climax (still got one more day for 2003) for all the joy we’re experienced as a family!

2. Gareth’s Growth
He’s growing into quite a unique character with his “mini-temper”, “stunning intelligence”, “fun-loving checkiness”, and I believe a “tender heart” for God to work…. plus he’s good-looking like mummy (& papa). We’re so thankful.

3. Our Growth as a couple
Since starting BLC, we’re been thrown into all sorts of uexpected situations (some pleasant & others painful – what’s new huh?). At times it’s our own journey, at other times it’s the “openness” that other people allow us to journey with them. On both counts, these have been molding and maturing processes … which leaves a deep impression on us!

4. Family & Friends
May Chin’s parents have really “blessed” us tremendously by the loving care of Gareth daily. It has been good as well for us to consciously spend time with my Mom as well (caught Daddy & John when both are not out-station) …

Both old and new friends have really come alongside us … they make the word “friend” really mean a lot to us! It’s also fabulous to have a chance to share in all their joys as well … whether it’s the birth of a new baby, engagement, marriage, a new phase in life, etc. It’s simply great!

The Silver Box with a Golden Ribbon was a wonderful gift to us with “love” captured in words and cards for us … it shows BLC is not a “job” for us but truly family & friends!

5. Needs Taken Care of!
Not too sure about “wants” but our “needs” have definately been well taken care of … and we experience even his abundance financially, socially, spiritually and personally.

1. “Blockbusters” with my Wife!
Nothing physical …. 🙂 we’re just learning how to love each other more like the way Christ loves us … so a lot of “speaking the truth” in love … Speaking the truth can be uncomfortable even though it’s for our growth!

2. Juggling Work Pressures
Our “jobs” each have a different expectations … May Chin is alone handling a department right now (which is very tough). I’m the only pastor of BLC (though with two part-time helpers which I’m learning how we can work as a team better.) then there’s other stuff on our “working plate”. Again, a lot of work to to learn a healthy rhythm of authentic spirituality, excellence in our vocation-work and a maturing humanity as an individual!

3. Witnessing Painful-Suffering Experiences of others
On one hand it’s an honor to be invited into people’s pains, on the other hand it’s sad to see our loved ones or close friends awalk a very difficult dark valley in their lives. At times, we feel so helpless & wonder what we can do to help. In times like this, we’re drawn again and again to GOD.

4. I’m glad I can just end at No. 3 … and I will just end at No. 3. Just to remind me that The GOOD God has for us always outweights the BAD we go through …

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