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6 tables – 5 for adults and 1 for the pre-schoolers. 6 pieces of Mah-jong Paper on the walls so the groups can post their responses on coloured paper. A slightly more “dramatic” reading of the text (with two of our readers in sunglasses for a while!), toddlers yelling their lungs out (to keep us plugged into reality), I shared from the book of Daniel using the Message, both “seekers” or “inquirers” and “Christians” together in worship, etc .

…. all this were some of the environmental & functional changes to facilitate the “Discover Anew” series this post-Christmas & season of Epiphany! We fumbled here and there … but it was worth it!

We started this series based on material designed by the Mennonite Church Canada (check out Missional Church travel bag). While using the ideas from the series to “spark” possibilities and the topics as an outline to allow us to create space for more “interaction” in our Worship Gathering, a lot of prayer, preparation, tweaking and adapting is involved because context & sensitivity to what God wants to do with us specifically is crucial. (Anyway, with a group of around 40-45 it worked pretty well yesterday even with a handful toddlers crying, calling for “mummy”, or simply sleeping … and older kids colouring, playing with some plastic “kitchen sets” .. come to think of it — it was quite hilarious!), .

All this is merely the surface, if we plunged deeper … I enjoyed our “council meeting”, some phonecalls, personal conversations, and dinner with some BLC fellow pilgrims old and new to see “where can we go from here?” in small steps … often unseen by the public but even more crucial to our journey!

I’m looking forward to see how GOD will work in our midst to “understand”, “embody” and “express” this interesting word … “Missional”!

Thanks James Tan for the design (one of his best so far … and he’s got a long journey to try new stuff!)

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