Thanks to Winn for these simple & profound scribblings…

Like most things in life, when I find a new toy to play with I spend a lot of time with it to the exclusion of other toys that I have, wondering if this new toy will be the “ultimate answer” to my “toy playing,” hoping so, so I can rid myself of all other toys that now have no value.

Wonder if I could ever learn to play with all the toys, playing with one or two toys at a time, when appropriate to play with a specific toy, without throwing out all the other toys in my quest to play with only one or two toys. Of course, I break my toys from time to time as well, which causes me great distress. But, if I changed my perspective and didn’t see the toys as mine but only playful things that the “toy giver” has given to me to help me along on my “toy playing journey,” how would that change my mind when one toy becomes broken, or are they really abused because of my own overplay and not really broken at all? So the inward toy cries out for help and throws “caution to the wind” and tramples on the other toys or visa versa. Sometimes I wonder what the “great toy giver” thinks about my quest to discover more toys or older toys for the sake of my own personal toy playing while forgetting how to share my toys with others around me for their sake. ____________________________

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