Just came back from a speaking engagement with HELP Christian Fellowship. It’s great to have a closer relationship with them last year and especially this year. Shared from the book of Daniel today and considered how we can be of any influence in an environment where we seem to be “powerless” in the face of whatever “dominant system”. The assurance for me is that GOD empowers us with insight and understanding, we start by “seeing” things from a different perspective (cf. GOD-STORY lens) and act from that center. The 6 “soul” stories and 4 “sovereign” visions (in Eugene Peterson’s words) assure me that GOD is working behind the scenes and we get a chance to be part of it in someway ~ a more silent-subversive way?!

A surprise visit to backyard missionaries encouraged with the following words:

“Ivan Illich was once asked ‘what is the most revolutionary way to change society? Is it violent revolution or is it gradual reform?’

He gave a careful answer. ‘Neither. If you want to change society then you must tell an alternative story, he concluded’

I sometimes seem to find myself in places where I disagree with the dominant system, but I also wonder the best way is to bring about change. A rant on a soap box is one approach, but perhaps the more subversive method Illich suggests will ultimately see a more significant and genuine change occur as people’s imaginations are captured by the way things could be…”

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