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wow! it’s free and it tries to include the world’s different languages on the project … phew! For fun I checked out Bangsar Lutheran Church (separately).Here’s what it says about Bangsar (then Lutheran … then Church):

Bangsar is a popular district in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, known for its nightlife.

and yet a bunch of us meets at the Father’s House where there’s peace and quiet at the edge of Bangsar …

about Lutheran …

The Lutheran Church traces its doctrines to Martin Luther, who started the Protestant Reformation, resulting in Protestantism.

Most Lutheran churches accept conventional Protestant theology. They are distinguished by a belief that the Bible is the inspired word of God, the priesthood of all believers, a belief in the efficacy of infant baptism, a sung liturgy, and an emphasis on faith in God as the basis of Christian experience.

and yet more than half of us are not from the Lutheran church background – you name it from Buddhist to Baptist! while somehow linked to the Lutherans we’re very much figure it out how to be Christ-followers (cf. Christians!)

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and about church …

The word church has several meanings, including:

* A Christian building of worship. See altar, altar rails, confessional, dome, nave, pew, pulpit, sanctuary, lych gate.

* An assembly of Christian believers who worship together. This is one translation of the Greek Koine word “Ecclesia,” used in the New Testament, and is the sense used by many Christians.

* In Christian theology, the Body of Christ composed of Jesus Christ and all Christians, living and dead. This is another sense of the word used in the New Testament, also used by the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds (“… one holy catholic and apostolic church …”), and the sense used by many Christians.

* A religious organization or denomination within Christendom (such as the Catholic Church or Lutheran Church).

* A surname. Those with the surname “Church” include the logician Alonzo Church (famous for the Church-Turing thesis), the painter Frederic Edwin Church, and the writer Francis Pharcellus Church (famous for the editorial “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”). Church’s Chicken, a brand of fried chicken.

we do have a building but it looks more like a house than a “church building” (because it was previously two semi-D houses morphed into the Father’s House *grin*). We wqrship together on Sunday at 10am (that’s normal right?), and yet we meet in smaller groups of 3 – 10 people from scattered on different days from Tuesday to Saturday. The word “Body of Christ” is in our Mission Statement just to keep us on track so we won’t drift into some organizational illusion away from Biblical vision. We are part of a small denomination ~ the Lutheran Church in Malaysia. And as far as brand name is concerned – Bangsar Lutheran Church isn’t very cool … but we’ll live with it! how about BLC for Be Loving Church?!

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