The 1996 Sivin


Picked up and read what I wrote in the seminary (S.T.M) graduation magazine in 1996, entitled “Recapturing God’s Gifts in Room No.7” ( Download file) and thought about the Luther quote I used as well for my graduation picture. Suddenly realized or at least reaffirmed many of crucial values deep within me formed during that time continues on today.

(I used a picture I took in China for the article …)

Here are two paragraphs from the article:

… Reading theology has not been a bore at all. On the contrary, my teachers helped me broaden my horizons inside and outside the classroom walls. I’ve enjoyed countless conversations and small talks that have made what seemed like a maze to many, become meaningful to me. Thanks for waking up a sleepy mind. I’ve found Theologian Clark Pinnock’s words helpful as I thought about my learning here. He said:

“Opening the mind is not an end in itself. The idea of opening the mind, like opening the mouth, is to close it again on something solid.”

…. Looking into my own heart, I realize that I’ve change. Once I thought the whole S.T.M. experience was just to be “trained and equipped for the ministry”. I was wrong. There’s much more that meets the eye if one chooses to take the risk. Sometimes, it’s better not to know everything exactly in advance. Nevertheless one thing is certain – to know that I’m loved and accepted by my loving Father. He guides gently and firmly the one who embarks on the journey of transformation in heart, mind, spirit and ultimately life. Pain and pleasure becomes interwoven in this package deal but I’m confident that it will be rewarding when one looks back in the end. Well, I’m not at the end yet! I’m merely at the opening chapters of the story. God’s gifts so far have been overwhelming!”

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