Random Thoughts Before the Oscars

ok I missed the Grammy’s … somehow I wasn’t “drawn” to it … but the Oscars now that’s different matter. (some speeches are cheesy .. but then we do get some gems and occassional opps-wow-type of speeches *grin* … the pre-award interviews are interesting) … cheers for Whale Rider!! Yeah for Keisha Castle-Hughes!

nice to be included in DJ Chuang’s emerging conversations rollup

thanks to Michael Boylink for his Cluetrain Manifesto-inspired remix for Churches (via Jason Clark)

multi-tasking here … watching TV, drinking coffee, and blogging.

wondering what would fasting from my favorite Pringles potato chips do to me during this LENT season. hmmm … when I decided, someone gave me two cans for a gift last Saturday. Talk about temptations!

will read Survey: Majority of Malays want hudud with concern and caution. What is the future for us here in Malaysia?

Oscars just started … nice to have one of my favorites Sean Connery open the show, love his accent …

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