Walking with Jesus

~ Thanks to our BLC digital camera man

There use to be this old song we sang in the youth group …
walking with Jesus, walking every day, walking all the way
walking with Jesus walking with Jesus alone

walking in the sunlight, walking in the shadow
walking everyday, walking all the way
walking in the sunlight, walking in the shadow
walking with Jesus alone.

well, nowadays, i don’t think we’re walking with Jesus alone in the sense it’s just me and Jesus. i’m part of the body of Christ, and I’m walking with Jesus and with his friends and family. But, the walking everyday part and sunlight-shadow part still rings true today. As I’m walking through some passages from Luke this LENT season with BLC (last week was the tempation in Luke 4, this week is Luke 13.31-35 – strange passage on Herod, the Pharisees and Jerusalem), I’m looking at Jesus again … and he’s just awesome!

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