Undilah .. time to vote!


i like what my friend Kian Ming (name dropping *grin*) put in the papers:

” The elections mean different things to different people. Some hope that a holiday would be declared so that they can take a day off. Others consider it a waste of time given the foregone conclusion. But for the 70% or so of Malaysians who are registered voters who consistently turn up at every general election to cast their votes, it is an opportunity for them to exercise their democratic right once every four or five years.” ~ from Expect the Unexpected

Malaysian Elections on the 21 March 2003 … for Malaysians find out where you are registered as a voter here

For more information on the elections check out the following:

Election commission Website (which is fumbling every time i try to log on … ai yah!)
The Star Online: General Election 2004

The New Straits Times: run up to the general elections

MalaysiaKini: General Election

Interesting reads:

Malaysian Election Media Monitors’ Diary

Another friend Steve Wong (name dropping again *haha*) gives a timely word,
“Cynicism is an understandable response when nothing counts no matter what one does. This is far from the case in Malaysia. We are in the midst of a titanic struggle against corruption, poverty, religious intolerance and extremism, civil service inefficiency, low educational standards and racial disharmony. We are striving for efficiency of the police, prudent public spending, the rule of law, transparency in governance and social cohesion. There are those who are happy to divide this nation as long as they get to rule a part of it.

There is too much at stake to fall victim to the infamous Malaysian apathy and cynicism. We must, as enfranchised and res-ponsible citizens, choose a path. To not be heard must not be an option.” ~ from Too much at stake to give way to apathy, cynicism

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