Random Thoughts in the Thinking Room

Read this open letter to Mel Gibson from emergent Kiwi with interest.

Thankful I managed to share with the Christian Fellowship Group meeting in the Father’s House today. Half of them turned up … I hope and pray the message shared and facilitated will help 9-10 of these future teachers in Malaysia.

feeling some pressure for tomorrow’s Station of the Cross sharing at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia Chapel and will be conducting Holy Communion there … I never imagined that this would be possible so soon.

physically and mentally tired…

lots more to do … 2 LiFE Cells this week, prepare message for this week, fine-tune thoughts for BLC’s AGM, acoustic guitar workshop 2 hrs on Saturday, rush to MATTA fair and hope to get good deals for German-UK trip, a meeting I think I need to get out of, …

starting to feel a little “driven” with all this piling up (as well as other stuff submerged somewhere), after tomorrow afternoon I hope to “pause” and switch back (as if it’s that easy?!) to “calling” mode …

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