Random Thoughts after Election Results

I was amused with the conversation I had with a malay-muslim uncle who drove the taxi I sat in this morning. He was clearly supportive of the government who would bring development and opportunity and yet he was very happy that Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh our two opposition party heavyweights through the years got elected this round. He said “We still need some voices to make some noise and keep the BN in check.” I was even educated by the taxi driver in his views on Lim Guan Eng (Kit Siang’s son), He said, “I like his mind … he’s sharp … too bad he couldn’t compete this round.”

It was quick 10 minutes actually vote for the parliment seat and state seat. I’m glad I went later …

sometimes the political analysts comes across as elite-better-than-thou rthetoricians rather than a humble servant helping people understand the complex nature of politics. I was delighted that at least one did a good job last night. Cheers to you …

thanks David for the Oz view … on the elections, click here. Since interacting with the Berry’s, the Greningers, and the two Finnish guys connected to BLC, I’ve been enriched so much by the “cross-cultural” point of views.

Had some fun with Gareth a while a go … he was kind of “kissing” me and then “chasing” me around … he’s really excited about walking now … at KLCC yesterday he just wanted to get out of the restraunt ding his rounds!

It was a good dinner yesterday, it’s wonderful when you can be at ease with those around the table and have a good meal together. I suppose that’s why the “sinners” and “tax collectors ” enjoyed Jesus company.

Still not back into rhythm yet … I hope it’ll be better today onwards …

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