Random Thoughts hoping for better tomorrows

I really never expected that Mom’s place would have a break-in that totally messed up our week (at least the last two days). But then, none of us can ever be truly ready for any form of invasion …

Under stress when I found out about another unwanted event ( another kind of invasion). It’s such a roller coaster ride the last two days.

Dinner with Mom was good tonight, I think Gareth brought her some joy in spite of what had happened.

Reading The Homiletical Plot (Expanded Edition) by Eugene Lowry.


It’s been sometime since I’ve read a book on preaching. Interesting to find out what’s in the minds of those in the pew. When will the time come when we move away or at least beyond a “consumeristic” approach to the sermon and towards a let’s listen to God’s message for us together both the so called “speaker” as well as the “listener”?

Spent some time with my God-son the past couple of days … what a mixture of fun and discipline. hmmm….

Intrigued by the non-mainstream responses (and another link here) to our new PM’s cabinet line-up.

Delighted to get in touch with two young men I’ve always wanted to read … thanks Ben for finally letting me in into your head. And of course Yoshua … the one and only 🙂 … just wished they had rss feeds.

For the first time, I have a chance to help someone set up a blog … I hope it helps.

Delighted read about John’s reaction to A New Kind of Christian.

I love reading other people’s blogs (as well as comments) … it let’s me know how they are doing, what they are thinking as far as they allow it … at times I’m delighted, at other occassions pause in disappointment, many a times asking questions, other times just speechless … but that’s just part of life …

Can’t get a “particular” movement or influence that’s “worming” in some churches and Christians I know out of my head. I’m sure it’s probably going to continue expanding and it won’t vanish just because I wish it will. An immediate reaction is “stay away from me!!!!”, “i don’t want anything to do with these guys”, “Help! Lord, why are we stuck in all this nonsense?”, “what happened to using our brains for a change huh?”, … the list is endless. … need to focus on Jesus again … if not, I might shout some profanity … not to GOD, just when I think about the rubbish that’s going around (forgive me Lord!)

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