Messing with Mondex

It all started with an email to me on a powerpoint sent to one of BLC’s leaders about “Mondex Bio-chip” info connecting it with a certain interpretation of Revelation 13 especially the mark of the beast.

My immediate unrefined email reply was this …

A quick reply from me ..
1. I’ve heard this 10 years ago even i my teenage years, nothing new but maybe more detail.
2. Question who’s the source? it’s not in the powerpoint
3. The interpretation of REvelation is shaky … out of historical context .. normal for end-time enthsiasts (which as u know I’m not)
4. we’re saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, not whether we have a chip in our head or hands ( i think many people miss the point here)
5. What’s the purpose of this powerpoint ? warning? caution? … point taken .. however, I feel it generates a kind of anti-intellectualism I don’t like … (I don’t think this kind of presentation will win the world to Christ … I’m not convinced and I’m, already a Christian)
6. I know many Christians believe this kind of stuff (or nonsense depending what’s your view),it shows 2 things … one a lack of big picture view of the Bible, and lack of balanced view of the world. Conspiracy theories are attractive … and simplistic as well. But that’s how religious fundamentalist fuel fear and hatred.
7. I’d prefer to say “ok! maybe this is true, I might check it out” but my number one priority remains, love God and love people, in community and share the news and serve the world.
8. hope that helps …

here’s what has to say about it! Click here

Many of my Christian friends get excited with this kind of info … I don’t. I have other important stuff I’m “passionate” about. For now it’s preparing for Holy Week starting next Monday and an adapted version of the Stations of the Cross entitled Journey to the Cross.

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