Unfinished Business

I’m stuck and have not got my discussion forum up and running. Kiffer has been bugging me. He even has set up the lounge and the door in to get things started. Go ahead and register if you like … say something if you want to .. make some noise 🙂

I’m the last one to submit to BLC’s Easter Edition of Mustard Seed (back issues here). It’s just one page but my thoughts are running all over the place.

another “plannning” meeting afterwards, one more next week for a international conference. This is definately not what I enjoy doing … but somehow it’s part of still wanting to be a “servant” and input some “seed changes” with longer term impact?!

Looking forward for this year’s week long Stations of the Cross journey (interesting link via Kevin Rains). A lot of behind the scenes work still in progress … a guide, plenty of stations not up yet but need to be before Monday evening when it all starts 7.30 – 9.30pm (open for people to come) … I did wonder what happens if it’s only me sitting in the church? (then it’s a “Me and You, Jesus” I suppose!)

Our first council orientation meeting coming up on Saturday, that needs preparation …

Oh yeah … speaking at a CF meeting tomorrow, must settle that as well …

better stop here … there’s more … I’ll just “pause” and “center” myself at least for 5 minutes with a cup of warm water.

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