Healing Spiritual Abuse


When I read these words, I bought the book and worked through it page by page … a good amount of healing came out from it. (For Malaysians it’s available in SUFES I think … unless I bought the last copy for my church library)

“Many of us have gone through bad church experiences that have left us feeling like failures. Blaming ourselves, we asked for God’s forgiveness, but felt distant from the church and sometimes from God too.

Often, however, the fault is not ours but that of Christian leaders who abuse spiritually. How can we recognize the signs of spiritual abuse? What can we do to gain healing from the wounds we have experienced?

With clarity and refreshing honesty, Ken Blue answers these questions and offers hope and healing to the victims of spiritual abuse. In addition he shows Christian leaders how to avoid abusive patterns and instead offer Christ’s gospel of grace to every casualty of bad church experiences.”

Maybe some of our cases are in different degrees of seriousness but the Gospel of Grace must be heard once again!

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