Random Thoughts while drinking White Coffee


After listening to (or I’mean reading) what Messy Christian is going through with her church walk. I felt like just watching the “irreverent” movie my Steve Martin above. Of course, I seen a couple of TV movies on religious fraud. and it was never comfortable, so I won’t know how this comedy would help.

Others have recommended the Big Kahuna (which I’ll also try to get my hands on some day). I heard about the buzz on the movie Saved! as well may use comedy again to get us thinking, will wait and see … ( I heard these movies are not so much about religous frauds but more on some segments of Christian sub-culture)

But for now, I think “The apostle” (picture below) by Robert Duvall was a sympathetic and honest portrayal of a Pentecostal preacher I appreciated and highly recommend.


Coffee finished …

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